Enfinite energizes two new eReserve projects, adding 40MW of energy storage to Alberta grid

Enfinite’s continued investments provide more reliability to Alberta’s electricity system.

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In its continued effort to enhance the reliability of Alberta’s Electricity grid Enfinite, a Canadian leader in energy storage, is proud to announce their continued investment in Alberta with the development and energization of two additional eReserve projects.

The projects, eReserve4 and eReserve6, utilize innovative Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to support the power infrastructure in east central Alberta near the Town of Hardisty. The addition of these two facilities brings the total energy storage projects operated by Enfinite to six – providing a total of 210MWh of energy storage capacity to Alberta’s electricity grid.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful energization of our eReserve4 and eReserve6 projects, a testament to Enfinite’s continued commitment to build and invest in innovative energy solutions throughout Alberta,” says Jason White, Chief Executive Officer at Enfinite. “Our energy storage projects help address some of the challenges facing Alberta’s grid and we are committed to continue to support the province as it seeks to strengthen grid reliability.”

Enfinite is proud to provide safe, innovative, and reliable energy storage infrastructure. Three more eReserve projects are anticipated to be energized and operating prior to year-end, which will bring its total to 315MWh of energy storage facilities in operation within Alberta. In addition to its eReserve program, Enfinite has over 1 GWh of proposed stand-alone energy storage projects in various stages of development within Alberta and other Canadian provinces.

“As demand for electricity surges across the country, Canada needs reliable and safe solutions that address the evolution of how consumers interact with our electrical infrastructure,” says White. “Energy storage is becoming a vital piece of that puzzle and will continue to be as the energy landscape changes. At Enfinite, we are at the forefront of providing these critical solutions to enable a more economical, resilient, and sustainable electricity system for all Canadians, regardless of how their power is generated.”

About Enfinite

Enfinite is a North American leader in energy storage and currently is the largest battery operator in Canada. Enfinite provides innovative and impactful energy solutions that solve critical issues facing the energy infrastructure to create a more resilient, stable, and sustainable power grid so we can live our lives without disruption. Enfinite’s foundation of high-level technical expertise and operational excellence matched with their innovative energy solutions complements existing infrastructure which allows for a seamless transition to a Net-Zero future. By making this journey more seamless, Enfinite is Powering Progress towards a more reliable and sustainable energy future. For more information about Enfinite, visit www.enfinite.com.

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